Mexican themed house party

By Notes From Megan - Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tomorrow is party day. A Mexican-themed house party.

Today is frantically-get-ready for tomorrow's party day. Here is how the day panned out...

2.15pm - As usual I arrive home from work hungry, I hunt around the house for food as if I haven't eaten for days. I source out yesterday's leftover Spag Bol and rejoice in my inability to judge portion amounts whilst cooking. I eat it whilst sat on a picnic blanket on our decking because even the thought of getting the garden chair is too much to handle without food in me.
2.30pm - Yes, I can eat a meal in record timing. I grab some craft equipment and retreat back to the picnic blanket and try and re-create the cactus bunting I saw on Pinterest. This took time. A lot of time.
2.55pm - All was going well until the neighbours little angel kids went against their parents strict instructions not to take the hose out of the paddling pool at was being filled up for them, I was caught up in the aftermath when they decided to spray the hose over the fence between our houses showering me in ice cold water whilst I scrambled to cover up the craft I was working so hard on.
3.20pm - After the hose incident I wisely retreat indoors and ever the busy-body head straight up to the en-suite shower and scrub it within an inch of its life. Cif is life.
3.55pm - Now I've started I'm on a role - I head to the bathrooms and give them a deep clean. What is my life, cleaning on a sunny afternoon. I make sure I snapchat a photo to Sam as currently we live in a world where if you don't share what you're doing then did you really do it? And I need him to know I did it.
4.20pm - I have an hour of panic and realise I haven't achieved a lot in the 2 hours of being home so I proceed to hang decorations, blow up balloons, anything I can do to make it LOOK like I've achieved something with my day. Visual satisfaction.
5.30pm - The sofa looks so appealing, I sit back and have a moment of silence to myself. Literally only a moment as I struggle to sit still and not do things.
5.40pm - I feel like I'm at work and I've been caught not working hard enough, which is ludicrous as I am sat in my own house and I can do what I want. But never less I feel lazy and caught out so with my running gear and trainers on I head out to the canal for a run. It didn't go very well as i was already zapped but at least I went, even if I did have to stop and walk more often than usual.
6.15pm - I drip my way through the front door, does anyone else sweat more from their face than they do anywhere else? Just me? Ok.  Because of this unfortunate inherited facial sweat during exercise problem I jump straight into the shower. Sweat equals spots and I don't want spots for tomorrow.
6.30pm - Operation turn the kitchen side unit into a temporary bar by arranging all the drinks and glasses into a pretty display of alcohol infused temptation.
6.45pm - Have a moment of adulthood and file all my long awaited important filing. I despise this job and have the worst organisational filing system known to man. It involves hoarding it all under the spare bed and then spending hours rifling through it all when I need to find something.
7.15pm - Time to clean the downstairs, this involves dusting, hoovering, cleaning the kitchen and hiding all my unnecessary belongings in cupboard and drawers.
8.00pm - The hunger has started to kick in, I decide to have a reverse dinner as I ate a cooked meal for lunch so I have a cheese and chicken sandwich. Needless to say I'll be hungry again in an hour but it'll do for now.
8.20pm - I think I'm done. I check my to-do list and everything is completed. The party can go ahead.

 (I expect you are all more interested in how the party actually went, or would have chosen to read a blog about 'how to host a mexican party'. Well maybe next time....)

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