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By Notes From Megan - Sunday, July 02, 2017

I was planning to write a travel blog about our trip to Nice on the plane home, ya know places to go, best things to do etc. What I didn't realise was that this was going to be a much more memorable holiday than I first realised!


Let me set the scene for you. It's the first day of our holiday, we've been up since 3am. We decided to book a mid-year holiday and fortunately for me it coincides with my birthday which I am so excited for, who wouldn't want to spend their birthday in France by the beach eating pastries and cheese all day. I certainly do.

It's 11am by the time we get to Nice, we dropped off our belongings at the apartment and headed straight out into the sunshine to explore the area. The streets are beautiful, it has a little bit of everything. There is the beach to your left speckled with people tanning and swimming in the temptingly blue sea, the main high street to your right full of well-dressed people darting in and out of the shops, and the old town market in between which is full of holiday makers and locals eating, dining and drinking wine in the beautiful French setting.

I had no idea what Sam meticulously had planned for the evening. 

Once back at the apartment it was almost time to get ready for dinner. Sam casually mentioned that it would be a good night to visit Castle Hill to take some scenic photos of the view before choosing which of the many restaurants to trial for our first night. Obliviously I agreed as I love walks and views so it seemed a great idea to me! Little did I know he had researched this location and had decided it would be the perfect spot to pop the question. Whilst I showered and started to get myself ready for the evening Sam was having a siesta and I assumed we wouldn't have enough time to do our evening walk that night.

I sped up my makeup routine, knowing full well that it was a hot evening and that my makeup wasn't going to be staying on my face for very long anyway once the outside heat go to it (I love holidays for this reason, lack of makeup is perfectly acceptable), I plaited my hair into some knotted up-do I blagged, put on my blue dress and sandals and sat down with a glass of wine. Time was on our side so off we walked to Castle Hill to take some photos of the view before dinner.

I say "walk" lightly, it was a mini trek...with the evening heat and the tightness of my dress and the never ending steps up the hill I was as attractive as ever and kept asking if we could slow down so I didn't sweat my face off. I did question why we were doing this in our dinner attire but also enjoyed the fact that we were working up an appetite, earning our dinner. 

We reached a stunning waterfall at the top of the hill, a popular tourist attraction, however, as we had chosen to go there at in the evening it was pretty desolate. You could see out across Nice for miles, it was so pretty. I sat on the wall and admired the waterfall and the view whilst Sam did his usual routine of setting up the tripod and unpacking the camera, he directed me to try and look natural (not an easy thing for me to do, I always look awkward or I do a very toothy cheesy grin) whilst he snapped a few photos. Then he set up the camera to take a photo of the two of us, I always treasure photos of us as a couple and I was more than pleased he was being proactive in capturing this moment for me.

He led me to believe the camera was taking a series of 10 snapshots, and as he ran over to join me by the wall he cuddled up to me for the first one and then went to kiss me for the second one. This is unlike Sam - earlier in the day we had our photo taken by a stranger who let us hold some French birds and when the stranger directed him to kiss me, he looked at the bird on his shoulder and tried to kiss that instead. So needless to say I was surprised by this. This was all a ploy though, as what I didn't realise was that he was pulling a little box from his pocket and he grinned at me and said ' I have a question to ask you' in a cute boyish embarrassed way. I genuinely thought his question was something along the lines of 'should we have pasta or pizza for tea' and I thought his timing was a little ridiculous seeings as I thought the camera was still taking its 10 shots of us. But it wasn't. He proceeded to kneel down on one knee with a little black box in his hand and grinned at me and asked me 'will you marry me?' I was blown away. My initial response was to put my hands over my mouth and say 'are you kidding me?' Not because I didn't want to, but because I was blown away by the fact he had made the decision to want to be with me forever. It was so overwhelming. I quickly reassured him with an excited YES! and gave him a huge hug. A thankful-hug for choosing me and a never-want-to-let-go-hug because I didn't want this moment and feeling to end.

Needless to say I have a very romantic and thoughtful Fiancé! One who isn't scared to think outside the box and choose me the most beautiful ring.

I was so unsuspecting I didn't even know which finger or hand you wear an engagement ring on, thank goodness for Google and roaming data for helping me work it out! Now let's plan a wedding! 

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