Dating a boy in a country band

By Notes From Megan - Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Dating? Seeing? Courting? Awaiting the wedding? What's the phrase for dating your fiancé? 

That aside...

Call me crazy or ask me if my boots are in a twist but there are multiple pros AND cons to dating a boy in a country band!


Firstly no-one prepares for you for this life, there is no country-counselling available on how to deal with life in my position, so here goes my manual and pros and cons from what I've learnt so far.

A pro - this is the one that most people will think is the best thing, and coincidently Sam is sat on the sofa doing it right now whilst I write this. It is having a boyfriend who plays a soundtrack to your life. Think Mamma Every spare moment is spent playing his guitar. It's a pro for me because I love listening to him coming up with new song ideas, playing cute tunes on a lazy weekend, practicing whilst he waits for the dinner to cook, or playing along to his favourite tunes. Having something to listen to in the background that isn't a TV is the best. Just pretend you're in a musical and dance along to it.

The downside to this is he is always thinking of music. This has two problems. He is either sat in the car drumming out a rhythm in his head and driving me insane with never ending tapping, leg shaking and object smacking, turning anything near him into a make-shift drum kit. Or there's the other problem that he gets inspired to write songs during daily life - this is great when he writes a lovey-dovey one with you in mind, however I'm sure he could be inspired to write about my endless mood swings, my hunger grumps and my other flaws that he has to deal with on a daily basis that have now become his day to day life. 

A pro I've only started to appreciate recently is my diary is full of gigs, festivals and events, there is always something going on and I always end up being the plus one. Not just that but it's often where I invite my friends to for a fun evening out. The best bit is at most of the bigger events you feel like a VIP member. At a recent festival the girlfriends were given silver wristbands allowing us to have full access to the 'band hangout' backstage. It was only a small festival so no claims to fame but there was cider on tap and food for free, so that made me happier than any famous person could have.

Another con or pro depending on how you look at is the gym workouts. How does this incorporate into dating a country boy I hear you ask. Well imagine your usual workouts, the classic leg day, back day, chest day, arms etc. There is new genre of gym day with Sam. It's called preparing-for-a-gig workout. So in the run up to a gig or a tour our gym workouts usually involve some form of cardio (apparently being on stage singing and playing and moving is harder than ANY cardio I've ever done), then there's the excessive lunges because all country boys have to lunge like Luke Bryan right? Then there's avoiding picking up anything too heavy to avoid hand injuries because have you ever seen a person play a guitar with a hand injury? No.

Something I didn't prepare myself for is country music fan girls! So let's call this a con. Country lyrics are known for how they describe women in a nice way, how they value family, how they desire love and relationships rather than this trashy pop music we have nowadays about cheating relationships and judgmental lyrics. So, understandably, girls like this. I've seen girls publically post about their desire for my other half, how they fancy him, miss him, and how they now have a claim to fame? Hardcore female fans. Luckily I have the best friends who let me screenshot said situations and send it to them along with some phrases I would like to say publically but instead I bite my tongue, then I laugh about it and move on. 

A con that I do not take lightly. If you ask Sam to list his most important things ever in life, he will stutter between choosing me or his guitar first. I mean this wouldn't matter usually, apart from the night he actually slept with his guitar in our bedroom next to his side of the bed. I mean about feeling replaced. 

And lastly a pro to finish on - band practice nights. Most weeks there is a band practice scheduled in on weeknight. For me, this means coming home, cooking myself something really extravagant for one, pouring a glass of gin and tonic and spending my evening doing whatever I want to do whilst having our house to myself. Although I would never wish to be alone, having some me-time is a lovely mid-week treat and I love to make the most out of them. 

I'd love to hear your experiences if you are dating a boy in a country band....

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