My new teeth!

By Notes From Megan - Sunday, February 25, 2018

'Hello teeth'

'Helllllo straight nashers'

'Oooh what lovely teeth you have'

Every time I walk past a mirror and catch a glimpse of my teeth, the above phrases are going through my head. I do a little smile every time just to make sure they are still straight. 

For anyone wanting to know about my clear brace experience then read on, for anyone who couldn't care less then do not loose hope and come back soon...I'm sure I'll have a more interesting post for you coming soon.

I never had overly wonky teeth in the first place (as a lot of people have pointed out to me) however, they were overlapping, overcrowded and moving so quickly that I wanted to get them sorted before they got too bad. I did a little research, very little research to be honest, and after a free consultation at the orthodontist I decided that clear train-tracks were the choice for me. I was willing to put up with them as they were the quickest, most efficient way to move my teeth. I was also offered metal train tracks, they were a strong contender but as my job is very public-facing I decided I wanted something slightly more discreet. I could have used Invisalign, these are clear retainers that you change every couple of weeks and wear at all times except when eating. These didn't appeal to me as I eat non-stop so would never be wearing them and they took considerably longer to work as it was a slower, less forceful process. I was also offered a brace that goes behind your teeth - discreet yes, expensive yes, could I afford So the clear train tracks where a strong winner in my eyes. Subtle but also very effective.

I paid up and let her glue the little terrors in. I've had braces previously during my time at secondary school, and I feel like I'd forgotten/blocked out the pain of having a brace. I was working the day after I had them put in and I survived the day on codeine I found in the depths of my handbag. I remember the feeling of being slightly drowsy and unsure how to smile properly with what felt like the biggest obstructions on my teeth, also I was always making sure my top and bottom teeth didn't touch at any time as they were excruciatingly painful. I actually lost weight in the first week of having them as I couldn't bear to chew food - an expensive diet trick some may say. I made an unholy amount of jelly in our fridge and actually resorted to getting up in the middle of the night to eat it as I was so hungry. I soon moved on to smoothies - more delicious and nutritious without the need to chew. 

I had to re-learn how to kiss which my partner was very patient about with the odd 'metal mouth' insult here and there. I had to give up curry, yes this was the worst part ever. The emotional pain of giving up curry was probably worse than the physical pain I felt in my teeth. The turmeric in curries stains the clear bands the orthodontists use and yellow train tracks are probably further down the unattractive scale than metal train tracks. I avoided all things curry and curry-flavoured to then eat an ice lolly on holiday that stained them a luminous yellow...that was a fun learning curve. You live and you learn. I had to carry little tooth picks and a pocket mirror around with me at all times as food gets stuck in them so easily, I became so obsessed I carried two pocket mirrors just in case one got lost or broken. I couldn't bite into any food as they were always sensitive and slightly painful because they were moving so much that I had to eat everything with a knife and fork, literally everything. I would eat bacon sandwiches with a knife and fork, I even cut up biscuits into bite size chunks. I had to wear little bits of wax on my brace everyday because it rubbed and caused sores on the insides of my cheeks. However.....I presume like childbirth, it was worth it in the end. They were annoying at times but the end goal was rewarding enough to make me forget the uncomfortableness/inconvenience of them. 

AFTER TREATMENT                                    BEFORE TREATMENT

If anyone is thinking of going for it then I'd hands-down recommend it. I was told it could take 9-12 months, and in total it only took 7 months. The price I paid included everything I needed -all appointments, any emergency appointments, the retainers I needed afterwards and even tooth whitening treatment to use to make them dazzle on completion. I got given little goody bags at the start and the end of treatment with teeth cleaning equipment and brands of toothpaste/mouthwash that suited the braces. I had before and after photos taken and I appreciate looking back and seeing the small but significant changes that were made to make my smile 100% confident. I had my treatment at Orthoworld in Taunton and would recommend it to anyone wanting to sort out their smile. Now give me your best smile...

Also my biggest advice would be to wear your retainers like you're told to do! The reason I had to have braces twice was because I stopped wearing my retainers the first time. I will be wearing mine every night for good, because retainers are for life, not just for Christmas. 

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